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"Let's Demand Better Thinking"

Yesterday, The Hill published an op-ed by Institute for the Study of War Senior Fellow Lieutenant General Jim Dubik (US Army, Retired). Lt. Gen. Dubik is one of America's preeminent experts on military ethics. His latest op-ed examines the moral and strategic challenges that the current state of unrest in the US presents to service members and their leadership.

From the article:

Better thinking – the kind from which success comes – may end up with solutions that include less federal military involvement rather than more; or federal military support in ways that do not include combat forces facing off with citizens. Indeed, by Wednesday morning the president was privately backing off his warnings of deploying troops, according to the Associated Press. Military force should be the choice of “last resort.” We are not at that point yet. In the infantry, where I spent most of my career, there’s a saying: “The line between tough and stupid is easily crossed.” Let’s not cross it now; let’s demand better thinking.

Read the full article here.


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