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"Resourcing the National Strategy Enterprise" makes the War on the Rocks Holiday Reading List

Frank Hoffman Recommends:

The Politics of Command, Lawrence Freedman. An insightful study into the complex nature of supreme leadership and decision making at the summit. Explore the fusion of political and military counsel in major conflicts, ranging from the Korean War to the present. Concludes with an exposition into the nature of command in an age of disruptive technologies that offers deep insights with unusual clarity.

Degrade and Destroy: The Inside Story of the War Against the Islamic State, Michael Gordon. We’re now far enough away from this war to see the second edition of history, told in a compelling manner by a master journalistic. Gordon blends a journalist’s concise pen with the tenacious attention to detail of an historian. Its time to draw critical lessons from nearly 20 years of an incomplete conflict, Degrade and Destroy is the place to start.

Resourcing the National Security Enterprise: Connecting the Ends and Means of US National Security, Susan Bryant and Mark Troutman. This is a concise anthology about the process and politics of the U.S. national security budget. The admixture of bureaucratic culture and Byzantine federal mechanisms to assess and allocate scarce resources has rarely been well understood. These two practitioners have crafted a taut product that should be employed in any strategic studies program.

Check out the full list here.


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