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SEI Collaborates with Motive International

Two successful organizations combine to deliver world-class strategic advising, education, and program implementation.

Strategic Education International (SEI) is working with Motive International on a variety of projects with the ultimate aim of delivering improved education to national security professionals.

Motive International's Purpose

We are committed to mitigating conflict and enhancing stability and sustainability in fragile societies around the globe.

Both organizations have interests that intersect and align. SEI is focused on improving the understanding and practice of security strategy among current and emerging national security professionals. Motive shares the same focus with a specialization in leveraging distinct motives of disparate stakeholders and harmonizing distinct capitals (i.e. financial, social, human, political) across sectors to tackle complex problems as violent extremism, food security, state fragility,resource degradation, and social inequality. They have plenty in wielding statecraft across the globe.

Learn more about Motive International here and Strategic Education International here.


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