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... a foundation in the classics and mastery of cutting-edge strategic scholarship

Strategic Education International (SEI) is an educational non-profit organization with a mission to improve the understanding and practice of security strategy among current and emerging national security professionals. To achieve this mission, SEI will work on two separate, but related lines of effort. 


1.    Provide cutting-edge educational programs in support of emerging leaders and national security professionals within the Department of Defense and the U.S. government. SEI designs and delivers customized educational programs that develop strategic thinking, leadership skills, self-awareness and a greater understanding of the security environment in which we all live.  To achieve this end, SEI provides tailored seminars on understanding, developing and practicing political military strategy at the national level. Education is delivered with a variety of methodologies from small group instruction, to practical exercise to lecture. These seminars are conducted in order to build the confidence and knowledge base of the students so that at the completion of the course, they are capable of asking the correct questions, as well as having the intellectual tools necessary to begin work within the realm of strategy. 

2.    Conduct, generate and publish original research on topics relevant to strategic education and the practice of strategy. The research is intended not only to promote intellectual inquiry, but also to enhance the practice of strategy. Publication of these materials will occur in a variety of venues from The National Defense University Press, to the US Army War College quarterly, Parameters, to shorter pieces appearing blogs associated with the strategy community of interest such as War on the Rocks, Small Wars Journal, and The Strategy Bridge. The last 15 years of war have made clear that professional scholarship is a critical component of the practice of strategy and saves lives on the ground. SEI will contribute to this endeavor. Readership of publications such as these included strategic practitioners in United States and around the world. 

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