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Dr. Heidi Urben, PhD


Dr. Urben holds a B.A. in Government and International Studies from the University of Notre Dame, an MPM, MA and PhD in government from Georgetown University and an MS in National Security Studies from the National War College. 


Dr. Urben in an adjunct associate professor at Georgetown University and retired Colonel in the US Army. A career military intelligence officer, her previous assignments include: commander of a military intelligence brigade at Fort Meade, Md, Vice Deputy Director Current Analysis and Warning in the Joint Staff Directorate for Intelligence in National Military Command Center, battalion command in Hawaii, and military aide to the Secretary of Defense.


Dr. Urben is an acknowledged expert and frequent author on the subject of American Civil Military Relations. She also teaches military strategy and operations at Georgetown University. She has also taught American Politics at The  United States Military Academy, West Point. 


Heidi Urben, Jim Golby and Risa Brooks "Crisis of Command: America's Broken Civil Military Relationship Imperils National Security" Foreign Affairs, May-June 2021

Heidi Urben, Susan Bryant, Brett Swaney, "From Citizen Soldier to Secular Saint: The Societal Implications of Military Exceptionalism," Texas National Security Review, Spring 2021.

"What Makes a Military Professional: Evaluating Norm Socialization in West Point Cadets,"Armed Forces and Society, June 2021


Civil-Military relations, public opinion, political behavior and national security strategy

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