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Sandy Troutman 


Sandy has an MBS from Dallas Theological Seminary, an MSW from the Kent School at the University of Louisville and a BS in Psychology and Social Work from Ball State University. Sandy is certified in the MBTI and the IDI. 


Sandy has over 30 years' experience in organizational leadership and strategic planning. As an Executive Vice President of training for a 9,000 member Women's ministry, Sandy conducted organizational assessment, vision development and implementation. She has organized, developed and led military and community support centers that became models within the Department of Defense.  Sandy has been instrumental in restructuring efforts of community support organizations and has prepared grant proposals to fund family and childcare initiatives. Sandy has practiced in Family Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Abuse programs, and Spouse and Child Abuse programs. 


Building Diverse Teams, Boundary Spanning, Curriculum Development


Team Development, Organizational Leadership, Social Work, Diversity and Inclusion

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