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Mike Linick, COL (Ret) US Army

Michael Linick is a Senior Defense and Political Science Researcher at The RAND Corporation, and the Director of RAND Arroyo Center’s Personnel, Training, and Health program.  A retired Army Colonel, with over 30 years as an Infantry and Force Management officer, Michael’s research has focused on finding ways for the Army to function more effectively and efficiently across all of its functional areas, on Active Component/Reserve Component integration issues, on personnel policy, and on how to best tailor the Army to meet current and emerging strategic challenges. He has also worked with OSD on the Force of the Future initiative and other personnel policy issues, on developing new ways to measure strategic readiness, and by providing advice and counsel to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense on how to restructure their department to better meet Iraqi security needs.

    During his military career, Michael served in a variety of Infantry positions in Korea, Germany, Kosovo, and across the United States. As a Force Management officer, Michael was the Chief of Force Management for both the CFLCC (OEF 1, 2001-2) and for MNF-I/USF-I (OIF, 2009-10). He developed and wrote the Army’s first equipping strategy in 2008, and coordinated the Total Army Analysis process for the Army from 2010-2013.

     Michael is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz (BA in Politics, 1983), Georgetown University (MA in National Security Studies, 1996), Catholic University (MA and PhD. Candidacy in World Politics, 2005) and the Army War College (MA in Security Studies, 2006), as well as a wide variety of military schools. His awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star


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