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Early Thinking on Innovation Helped Deliver Idea of New Army Futures Command

The ideas that shaped the thinking behind the new Army Futures Command started years ago. Karen Burke, an SEI board member, was instrumental in planting the seed that would germinate over the years to finally land the big idea, create a 4-star command to deliver innovation faster for the US Army.

As a senior fellow in the Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) Strategic Studies Group (SSG) - now known as the Army Future Studies Group - Karen Burke and fellow teammates wrote several papers and articles to improve innovation and acquisition.

While she and others will never take credit, it is this small group and others like it that worked behind the scenes to drive one of the biggest changes in the US Army's history. In 2017, Karen was "by-name requested" to work on the special task force to build the new command.

Check out two of these articles by Karen Burke and teammates here:


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