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Upcoming Dense Urban Studies Program

STRATEGIC EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Mark Troutman to provide Economic Expertise for the U.S. Army’s Dense Urban Studies Program this Spring at Fort Hamilton, New York.

The Dense Urban Studies (DUS) Program run by the Institute for Defense and Business is designed for mid-career leaders. DUS is a 2 week program based at Fort Hamilton and other locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens that helps participants understand the complex makeup and critical issues of operating in dense urban areas and megacities.

The world’s population continues a long running trend toward urbanization. In addition, these populations increasingly accumulate on coastal areas where the effects of climate change and more severe weather patterns stresses critical infrastructure networks. The importance of understanding dense urban areas and megacities is a critical component of global security and preparation for future operations including kinetic, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief scenarios.

The DUS Strategic Broadening Seminar is an educational and experiential learning opportunity for students to explore and understand the critical infrastructure, urban geography, city operations, the technological and physical connectivity of city networks, and the culture and behavior of people and their environment. Learning takes place both in the classroom and through on-site visits with local authorities, agencies, private companies, as well as terrain walks.

Dr Troutman’s blend of academic expertise in economics and critical infrastructure protection, coupled with his three decades of experience as an Army leader make him uniquely qualified to frame the economic challenges and opportunities associated with undertaking any type of military operation in a dense urban environment.

The program is currently scheduled to take place in April 2019.


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